THANKS, to my dear family, & SPECIAL THANKS TO Sau. Usha Khatavkar, my wife.
Sau. Swati Kale & Sau. Manasi Deshpande my daughters.
Mandar Khatavkar, my son, for giving all kind of support, motivation and being inspiration in every step of my life.

THANKS, to Raja Shivaji Vidyalay (King George) for making my Profession and Career, a proud and honor for me being a importance part of School.

THANKS, to Raheja School of Architecture for having me as a part of their Panel of Professors and giving an opportunity to serve my professional skills to upcoming talent of Architects.

THANKS, to all my good-old & present colleagues & friends for being there with me in my journey of my professional life.

THANKS, to NAVNEET Publications, for giving me, honor & opportunity to be a part of their Panel of Authors and for writing so many books for them.

THANKS, to all my Publishes
(Vikas Prakashan, Suvichar Prakashan, Narendra Prakashan, Anmol Prakashan, Nav-Chaitanya Prakashan & Nishant Publications)
for publishing my books and giving a media platform to them.

THANKS, to all my dear Students for remembering & honoring me and making me proud to be their dear Teacher/Professor. They are my real wealth, memories and assets of my professional life.